Meet the hosts of the Trading Mindset Podcast


Louise Nonweiler is the founder of Hypnosis for Traders and the creator of the Trading Mindset Programme (TMP).

Louise is specialised in the field of trading psychology and a multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, who is driven and passionate about helping traders reach their ultimate potential.

Louise and Nilton regularly speak with traders from all walks of life, about their journey, the highs and lows of trading, and what tips and techniques they have to share with the audience.



Nilton Fernandes has over ten years of experience as an IT professional within the Mobile Device Management space and is privileged to have worked for Schindler Group for more than six years in a very demanding position as a Mobile Device Architect.

Nilton decided to apply himself to his genuine interest, which is investing. Currently working out of Switzerland, Nilton sees himself as a strategic investor, trading the various markets like Stocks, Futures & Forex. Nilton is already a co-founder of the company CNS Global Ltd, which he co-owns to make investments.

His overall passion is wealth creation and helping others to follow suit.



Brandon Wendell does weekly market analysis on the Trading Mindset Podcast channel. Please subscribe to the channel for weekly valuable videos.

This week\’s show, Brandon changes up the routine a bit. He analyses and predicts the upcoming week for the equity index futures, the energy futures market, the stock sector rotation, and the Indian markets. Chart school this week focuses on how Brandon interprets and uses the infamous RSI Indicator! 


Talking Options with Kevin King

In this episode we talk to Kevin King, a successful property developer who turned to trading in order to see a better ROI instead of leaving his money tied up in a bank doing nothing.

Kevin discusses the failures he went through to get to where he is today trading twenty options contracts three times a week.


Food for Thought with Josh Abernethie, The Traders Health Coach

In this episode, food for thought, we speak with Josh Abernethie, the Traders Health Coach.

Josh lives in Gilbrater and works remotely with traders and people with high pressured jobs.

In this podcast we talk with him about how he helps traders by working on their sleep, nutrition and even posture so that they can optimise their health, helping them to become fitter and healthier.


Trading through a Pandemic, featuring Nic Penrake, the Founder of A Traders Life Podcast

In this episode,trading through a Pandemic, we speak with Nic Penrake.

Nic lives in London. He is a trader, the founder of A Traders Life Podcast, and a writer and director. In this podcast we talk with Nic about his trading journey, the highs and lows, and how he has progressed over time as a trader. We also speak with him about his new book, an amazing read!


Property Guru to becoming a Successful Trader, with James Harwood

In this episode, Property Guru to a Successful Trader, we speak with James Harwood.

James is a man who has passion and drive for trading. He has been trading for many years and is experienced in GBP.

We talk about his past, how he got into trading and why he is so passionate. We also speak about the good times, and the not so good times he\’s experienced in the world of trading!


Brandon Wendell (CMT) – The Wendell Effect

In this special episode, we speak with Brandon Wendell (CMT)

Brandon Wendell has been a trader for over 20 years.

He is a member of the Market Technicians Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation. Brandon was a senior instructor for the Online Trading Academy.

Brandon teaches courses for active investors, options traders, income investors, real estate investors, professional stock traders, broad market analysis, and forex traders. A former stockbroker, brokerage trader and hedge fund trader, he has appeared as a guest on Fox News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV.

His passion and knowledge for trading is inspiring!


Trading With Excellence Featuring Dave O\’Hagan

Trading With Excellence Featuring Dave O\’Hagan Trading Mindset Podcast In this special episode, we speak with Dave O\’Hagan.

Dave O\’Hagan is a professional Forex Trader from the North East of England. His goal is to continually improve his trading and to ultimately provide a full support structure for other traders. This will include strategies, training, mental well-being and self-awareness.

Dave\’s ethos is to use the markets and his skills to create a flexible lifestyle for himself and his family. One of his top accomplishments was, changing his mindset to overcome self-destructive behaviours and fears, gaining the ability to trade consistently and in the moment.


Traddictiv with Jose Blasco

Jose Blasco is a multi-asset trader who specializes in options, equities, futures, and currencies. Since he began trading in 2008, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on global markets, trading both directional and non-directional strategies across multiple timeframes.

In 2011 he began sharing his expertise as a trading instructor, delivering training in-person as well as online and appearing on live broadcast events. Since 2018, Jose has developed innovative trading technology as the Principal of traddictiv PTE.LTD, where he also mentors traders worldwide. In addition, Jose has served as an engineering professor, and he taps into his love of technology to teach online trading techniques.

His multilingual skills allow him to travel the world and keep abreast of global markets. Our TRADDICTIV mission is to help all traders and investors (from the hobbyist to the professional) develop strong, smart, strategic trading skills so they can trade smarter and achieve stable, effortless results thanks to our innovative trading technology that makes it easy to know when to buy and when to sell. Our key website offers quality education paired with powerful coaching, along with easy-to-use trading technology tools and apps traders.



Tax and Crypto


Simon Jacobs is a leading expert on helping cryptocurrency traders and investors take the mystery out of tax. He cuts right through the jargon and makes tax easy to understand, leaving you with the tools needed to immediately minimise your taxes.

Simon has worked in the accounting industry since completing his BA in Accounting and Finance at Manchester University in 2014.

Having spent 4 years at PwC, working as a Corporate Tax Advisor, providing UK and International Corporation Tax Advice for Multinational Corporations, Private Limited Companies, and SMEs to help them save money.

Since leaving PwC in 2019, Simon has set up his own tax practice, where he is helping UK and overseas-based individuals and companies with their UK tax planning.

If you would like more information on the Podcast, or would like to be a guest on the show, then please contact [email protected]