I have one mission: To help traders achieve consistency and long-term succesS


I have successfully worked with traders for a decade now. What I have discovered, is that our subconscious mind is POWERFUL!


My passion and commitment to helping traders has transpired into creating online programmes, packages, the trading meditation and affirmation series, and co-founding Trading in the Zen, a podcast with amazing guests that share their stories and valuable nuggets.


Trading has been in my life for decades. I come from a family of successful traders, traded forex for many years, and eventually ventured into working with traders on their psychology, mindset and performance.


I specialise in hypnosis, the subconscious, the belief system and trading psychology. 


I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).


  • 2024 Best Trading Psychology Expert (Global Exellence Awards)
  • 2024 Global Health + Pharma Annual Awards – Leading Trading Psychology Expert UK
  • 2023 Global Excellence Award – Trading Psychology Services
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist of the Year 2023 (SME Enterprise)
  • CEO Today Business Woman of the Year 2023
  • CEO Today Business Woman of the Year Award 2022
  • CEO Global Awards Entrepreneur (CEO Today) 2022
  • Hypnotherapist of the Year (Prestige Awards, UK) 2021
  • Influential Woman in Business 2021 (Acquisition International)
  • CEO Today Magazine Global Award 2021
  • Business Women of the Year Awards 2020 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • CEO Today Global Award for 2020
  • Life Coach of the Year for 2019 (London Prestige Awards)
  • CEO United Kingdom Award 2019 (CEO Today) 
  • European Business Award 2019 (CEO Today)
  • Global Business Award 2019 (CEO Healthcare)
  • European Business Award 2018 (CEO Today)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist of 2018 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Inspirational Life Coach 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Award for Alternative Therapy 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Outstanding Life Coach 2016 (AI Excellence Award)
  • Ranked No.1 Hypnotherapist in London 2022



When Louise isn’t working with clients, or on trading projects or collaborations, she likes to spend time in nature, on the water paddle boarding, travelling and spending time with friends and family.



She is also a keen gardener and loves living in the countryside; a place of peace and sanctuary, where she likes to ‘switch off’ and relax.



Having travelled the world for almost two decades, living overseas in Florida, Australia, Ireland and the Caribbean and after living in Australia for almost a decade, Louise decided to come back to England to be closer to family.



Because of her travel experiences and tales of her time in the casino industry (many moons ago!) Louise decided to write a book, Gambling on Love.



Louise has travelled to over 50 countries and cities over a 17 year period.



This included living in the Caribbean, Ireland, Florida and Australia.



Her passion for helping traders has evolved over time as Hypnosis for Traders has become a worldwide and reputable company, which exclusively helps traders achieve profound success.