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Trading Mindset Programme


The Trading Mindset Programme works on the 360 of trading psychology, and more. There way the programme is structured is for long-term success.  Not only are traders seeing amazing changes in their trading but also other areas of their lives.

"Louise’s Trading Mindset Program is wonderful. It has assisted me in progressing from a break-even trader to a profitable trader. Her audio program has enabled me to not over trade by eliminated the fear of missing out on a profitable trade. I Start each day Motivated to take trades, by being Calm, Relaxed and Confident in my abilities as a trader. Through self-belief and determination, I have no Hesitation in Taking Trades. The Audios Have given me all this and I am eternally grateful for her program. I listen to the audios every night wherever I might be. Repetition of the Audios is the key to forming new positive habits. The Program has been life changing for so I recommend it strongly."
Iida Niskanen
Reeve Hempsell


The programme is for anybody who is struggling, or finding it impossible to achieve consistency and successful trading. Wherever you’ve been trading for a year or a decade, if you’re finding trading challenging you to know it’s not your trading plan or strategy, then this programme is for you. 

Trading Mindset Programme

Message from Louise


Hello and Welcome,


I created the Trading Mindset Programme because there was a huge gap in the market. There just wasn’t enough mindset help for traders.


I am passionate about helping traders. I believe that everyone should have freedom of time, and financial security. When you become consistent, with the right mindset and behaviours, then you become profitable, leading to freedom in all areas of your life.

Take a moMent … 

How is your Psychology affecting you?

Trading Mindset Programme
  • Perhaps you’re feeling stressed or burnt out? 
  • Are you feeling impatient
  • Feeling frustrated is a regular occurrence?
  • You know what you’re meant to be doing but you find it impossible to stick to your trading plan?
  • You’re finding that fears are taking over leading to irrational decision making?
  • It’s affecting your confidence and you’re becoming self critical?


From Break-Even To A Profitable Trader

The programme has helped 100’s + members in becoming consistent and profitable by overcoming all challenges that were blocking their trading success. 


Get Lifetime access to the trading mindset programme

The programme consists of 12  professional hypnosis audios and a bonus audio created by trading psychology expert and multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Louise.

Full membership £725

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£ 225
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£ 725
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£ 375
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How it Works



trading mindset audios

Create Positive Beliefs

This hypnosis audio helps reprogram the subconscious mind, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones, leading to personal growth and positive transformation for your trading mindset, performance and overall in your life.

Successful Trading Behaviours

Develop successful behaviours with this audio. Create great trading behaviours can reinforce disciplined decision-making, emotional control and risk management through positive suggestions.

Combat Fears

Conquer trader fears and self-doubt with our transformative hypnosis audio. Dissolve anxiety, hesitation, and uncertainty. Rewire your subconscious to embrace confidence, courage, and resilience.

Improve confidence


Achieve peak trading performance with this hypnosis audio. Optimising focus, discipline and mental strength for consistent success in financial markets.

Gain Emotional Intelligence

Build inner strength and resilience, guiding you to feel more relaxed and grounded. This can help you gain exceptional emotional control and intelligence.

The successful trader

Reprogram your subconscious mind to enable you to become a consistent and great performaing trader who is process driven and determind.

trading excellence

The audio reinforces discipline, intuition, and emotional control, enabling better decision-making. With enhanced focus and reduced stress, traders develop the mental edge necessary to navigate markets effectively, leading to profitable and sustainable trading outcomes.

Learn the self-hypnosis technique

Learning self-hypnosis empowers traders with a valuable tool for mental mastery. It enhances focus, reduces stress, and promotes emotional regulation, optimising trading performance.

Learn self-hypnosis (subconsciously)

The audio gently guides them into a receptive state, making self-hypnosis intuitive, enabling you to internalise for improved focus and emotional control.

mind + body cleanse

Experience complete relaxation with this soothing audio, created to induce calm, peace and balance.

Achieve a success mindset

Elevate your trading game embrace adaptability, and resilience. Create a winning mentality, make informed decisions, and execute trades with precision. Transform into a consistent trader and achieve success.

Become a consistent trader

This hypnosis will work on your discipline, consistency and development as a trader, so that you can become successful long-term.


Do you still have questions? 

If you are still unable to decide or have any questions? You can book a free 20 minute consultation with Louise using the calendy link below


The programme has been instrumental in guiding hundreds of members toward consistent profitability in trading. Hear the success stories of the beneficiaries themselves.


The programme is structured as a 24 week online hypnosis audio course. You have lifetime access to the programme.

You can listen to the audios at any time that suits you best. 

Do NOT listen to the audios whilst driving or operating machinery.

The best time to listen to hypnosis is at nigh-time with headphones.

The duration are between 30-40 minutes long.

Yes, our platform is mobile-friendly. You can access the audios on smartphones, tablets, and computers with internet connectivity.

Results vary from person to person. Some may experience benefits after the first session, while others might need a few weeks of consistent listening. Patience and regularity are key.

Currently, the audios are available only in English. We are actively exploring options to introduce audios in other languages to cater to a wider audience.

Consistency is beneficial, but missing a day occasionally won’t hinder your progress significantly. Try to resume your routine the next day for optimal results.

Yes! You can listen to the audio guide once you sign up. Each hypnosis audio is structured for long-term success. So, by following the programme as designed, you will see positive results. Each audio is to be listened to for 21 days, or 21 times.

It is not recommended as these audios are created to induce deep relaxation. The Trading Meditation Series and Affirmation Series work best for trading hours.

No. we have never been asked for a refund from any member. If you are unsure about whether the programme is right for you, you can have a consultation with Louise.


The programme has received 100% positive feedback.


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