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You're finding it impossible to achieve consistency.

You're self-sabotaging behaviours are affecting all areas of your life.

You feel fearful, stressed and frustrated.

"Before the program, my trades were all over the place. Now, I've found consistency. The mindset tools helped me stick to my strategy, and I'm finally seeing regular profits. It's changed my approach entirely."
Alex Selby, California US
"Trading used to be a rush, but the audios taught me patience. Waiting for the right moments has paid off. I'm making smarter trades and seeing steady growth in my portfolio."
Simon K, UK
"I had this habit of letting emotions dictate my trades. The program helped me recognize and break free from those bad behaviors. I now trade with a clear head and it's reflecting in my results."
Suzie M, Michigan US
"If you have had enough of making the same mistakes over and over, then without a doubt you need the Trading Mindset Programme"
Mike G, Kent UK
"This program will not disappoint. I was unsure at first but after reading the reviews I decided to take a chance. Boy am I glad I did. A big thanks!"
Steve K, Atlanta US
"If you are looking for results in your trading then this is the programme for you! This is a fantastic investment for any trader out there."
Mike D, London
"When Louise told me she was creating this program I got excited! Louise and I worked together in the past. I knew this was going to be a success because she knows exactly what difficulties traders face day to day. She is top of her game and this is just awesome. I highly recommend this to every trader!"
Carl Jenkins, San Diego
"If you’re on the fence, purchase the programme and put in the time to listen to the audios - you won’t regret it! The best part is you barely have to do anything. Just fall asleep listening to the recordings and you’ll notice a shift in your mindset!"
Lesley Comeau, Canada
"I had been searching for something like this since day one. Results from listening to this ... Outstanding"
Patrick F, Dublin


  • Perhaps you’re feeling stressed or burnt out? 

  • Are you feeling impatient? 
  • Feeling frustrated is a regular occurrence?

  • You know what you’re meant to be doing but you find it impossible to stick to your trading plan?

  • You’re finding that fears are taking over leading to irrational decision making?

  • It’s affecting your confidence and you’re becoming self critical?


  • It may continue to affect other areas of your life, including sleep, health and even relationships?
  • You’ll burn yourself out with the stress and anxiety?
  • It will affect your confidence and self-worth?
  • Perhaps financially, as you keep repeating self-sabotaging behaviours and blow accounts?
  • Feeling like a failure?
  • Feelings of despair and desparation?


You can become consistent, profitable and successful

How do I know this? Because the programme has helped 100’s + members in becoming consistent and profitable by overcoming all challenges that were blocking their trading success. 

“This covered everything I was hoping it would. Within a short time I noticed a huge difference in not only the way I was trading, also in different areas of my life. I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with daily stress and worries. Thanks!“
Malcolm S, London
"I wanted to share my experience on the mindset course. This was actually a gift from my wife. I was never a believer of hypnosis, I always thought it was that mumbo jumbo you saw on the tele. Once I got to recording three I was blown away! Things changed pretty quickly - Somehow over a couple of months I went from blowing accounts to growing my account! To every trader out there ... get the mindset course."
Jeff B, Hampshire
"What I loved most about the Trading programme was that it covered everything I was having issues with. I knew I had a lack of belief in myself. As well as this I could never handle my emotions especially when it came to day trading. Not only has this been a massive help when I trade, it has also made me feel calm and in control in all areas of my life!"
Max R, Scotland




The programme is for anybody who is struggling, or finding it impossible to achieve consistency, and successful trading.

 Wherever you’ve been trading for a year or a decade, if you’re finding trading challenging you know it’s not your trading plan or strategy, then this programme is for you. 


If you are to succeed long term then you need to invest in your psychology. It is 95% of trading. 

Working with the subconscious, through hypnosis has been proven to be the fastest and most effective way in helping traders overcome all mindset and emotional challenges, leading to amazing performance and results.


The Trading Mindset Programme works on the 360 of trading psychology, and more.

There way the programme is structured is for long-term success. 

Not only are traders seeing amazing changes in their trading but also other areas of their lives.


Lifetime access to the Trading Mindset Programme.


The programme consists of 11  professional hypnosis audios, and a bonus audio created by trading psychology expert and multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Louise.


The entire package is worth £1,025.


It is now on offer for lifetime access £599


The audio guide talks you through the programme so that you are clear on how and when to listen to the audios for maximum results. 

The powerful combination and structure of these hypnosis audios is guaranteed successful trading results, performance and long-term success.

Louise and her team offer professional and friendly support to all members. 

The bonus hypnosis is a mind and body relaxation. This is a great way to relax after a day in the markets. 

Once you sign up, you receive immediate and lifetime access to the programme. You can access this via the secure online portal via the website.

4 x monthly payments of

£ 200
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Full Payment

£ 599
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2 x monthly payments of

£ 350
  • One payment
"I used to get distracted easily, missing out on good opportunities. With the mindset I have formed with the mindset audios my focus is razor-sharp. I'm making more informed decisions and seeing a significant difference."
Richard Striker, Ireland
"It's not just about trading; it's about a mindset shift. This is helping me to manage stress and set achievable goals. I'm not just a better trader; I'm happier in all aspects of life."
William May, Wales
"Beyond just trading strategies, the program led to self-discovery. Emotions used to swing my trades. But now I've found that balance and approach each trade calmly, and it's reflecting positively in my trading results."
Jake R, New York

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Create Positive Beliefs

(Duration: 31:26)

 Creating new beliefs with this  hypnosis audio involves inducing a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility.


It helps reprogram the subconscious mind, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones. The process enhances receptivity, enabling individuals to embrace new perspectives and behaviours, leading to personal growth and positive transformation for your trading mindset, performance and overall in your life.


Successful Behaviours

(Duration 35:40)


Develop successful behaviours with this hypnosis audio.


Utilising hypnosis audio for creating great trading behaviours involves deep relaxation and focused visualisation. Traders can reinforce disciplined decision-making, emotional control, and risk management through positive suggestions. By programming the subconscious mind, they can improve confidence, patience, and consistency, enhancing their trading performance and achieving long-term success.


Combat Fears + Doubt

(Duration: 35:56)

Your mindset will be aligned to master thoughts, emotions and embrace fear head on. The audio helps to also build inner strength and resilience and can effectively combat trading fears and doubt by inducing a calm and receptive state. It addresses negative thought patterns, instilling confidence, and promoting mental resilience. Positive affirmations encourage belief in one’s abilities and a rational approach to risks, helping traders overcome fear and doubt, leading to more successful and confident trading decisions.


sea, nature, man-1284368.jpg

Improve Confidence

(Duration: 34:08)


This audio supercharges your confidence and self-belief, your determination and motivation will increase as well as your potential. It will align you energetically, mentally, and emotional.


By targeting subconscious beliefs and emotions, it instills unshakable self-assurance. Positive suggestions promote mental clarity, emotional balance, and decisive actions, leading to increased trading success. Regular use of the program empowers traders to trust their abilities and make confident, profitable decisions.



Emotional Control

(Duration 30:00)


With this relaxing audio, you can learn how to develop full control over your emotions when trading.

It builds inner strength and resilience, guiding you to feel more relaxed and grounded.


It helps traders in gaining exceptional emotional control. By inducing a relaxed state, it addresses subconscious emotional triggers. Positive suggestions foster resilience, discipline, and detachment from outcomes, reducing emotional volatility. Traders become more composed, making rational decisions even in high-pressure situations, resulting in consistent and successful trading outcomes.



Master Trading

(Duration: 30:16)


Master trading with this all-powerful audio. Reprogram your subconscious mind to enable you to become a competent and profitable trader.Creating a trading mindset with hypnosis involves accessing the subconscious mind. 


The Trading Mindset hypnosis audio helps instil traits like discipline, patience, and confidence. It reprograms limiting beliefs, encouraging adaptability and risk management. Traders develop a focused, resilient mindset that promotes consistency and success in their trading endeavours.




Trading Mindset

(Duration 35:05)


Mater trading in all aspects. With this audio it will help you to develop as a consistent trader.


Mastering trading with the aid of hypnosis audio allows traders to tap into their subconscious potential. The audio reinforces discipline, intuition, and emotional control, enabling better decision-making. With enhanced focus and reduced stress, traders develop the mental edge necessary to navigate markets effectively, leading to profitable and sustainable trading outcomes.

yoga, woman, lake-2176668.jpg

Learn Self-Hypnosis (1)

(Duration 17:00)

Louise teaches you self-hypnosis whilst you are in hypnosis. So, you know the technique on a conscious level.Learning self-hypnosis empowers traders with a valuable tool for mental mastery. It enhances focus, reduces stress, and promotes emotional regulation, optimising trading performance. Self-hypnosis cultivates self-awareness and empowers traders to reprogram limiting beliefs, improve decision-making, and build unwavering confidence. Regular practice fosters resilience and adaptability, leading to consistent success in trading.


yoga, meditation, pose-4489430.jpg

Self-Hypnosis (2)

(Duration 35:05)


Louise teaches you self-hypnosis whilst you are in hypnosis. 


Learning self-hypnosis subconsciously through hypnosis audio allows traders to effortlessly absorb the principles.


The audio gently guides them into a receptive state, making self-hypnosis intuitive. Subconscious learning accelerates, enabling traders to internalize techniques for focus, emotional control, and belief reprogramming. As a result, they effortlessly apply self-hypnosis in their trading journey, experiencing profound benefits.

meditate, woman, yoga-1851165.jpg

Mind + Body Detox

(Duration 35:05)

This deep relaxing hypnosis audio is great after a day of trading. Relax + unwind and let this relax your mind, body and emotions.

A mind and body detox hypnosis audio for traders facilitates profound relaxation and rejuvenation. 


The audio clears mental clutter, releasing stress and negative emotions. It promotes clarity, focus, and improved decision-making, while simultaneously enhancing physical well-being. Traders experience increased energy, resilience, and mental acuity, enabling peak performance in their trading activities.

Full Payment

£ 599
  • One payment

2 x monthly payments of

£ 350
  • One payment

4 x monthly payments of

£ 200
  • Four payments

Consistent Trader

(Duration 50:49 - includes 15 minutes of relaxation music at the end of the audio)

Listen to this hypnosis audio to Super charge your mind to becoming a consistent and profitable trader. This hypnosis will work on your discipline, consistency and development as a trader, so that you become successful and profitable.


Becoming a consistent trader using hypnosis audio involves reprogramming the subconscious mind for success. The audio instills discipline, emotional control, and risk management skills. Traders develop unshakable confidence, adaptability, and patience, fostering consistency in their trading approach. The result is improved performance, profitable trades, and long-term success in the financial markets.


meet the creator, louise

Hello and welcome,

I created the Trading Mindset Programme because there was a huge gap in the market. There just wasn’t enough mindset help for traders.

Working for the last decade with traders, I realised that the through hypnosis, changes are fast and effective.

I am passionate about helping traders. I believe that everyone should have freedom of time, and financial security. When you become consistent, with the right mindset and behaviours, then you become profitable, leading to freedom in all areas of your life.


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