Invest in yourself - Boost your Mindset & Wellbeing with this Meditation Series


Attain balance in your life and trading performance

  • Reduce stressful situations
  • Feel relaxed and peaceful
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Focused on the present
  • Release negative emotions
  • Become more patient 
  • Create strength + resilience
  • Stay grounded and centred
  • Better prepared for trading
  • Generally more positive

Why this meditation series is unique and powerful

  • Created by a Trading Psychologist
  •  A decade of experience
  • A variety of meditations 
  • Meditation is extremely effective in inducing inner peace, calm and focus 
  •  A grounding technique to help you feel grounded during trading.

What you receive from the Meditation Series

  • Lifetime access
  • 24 hour access
  • Professional support
  •  Six relaxing meditations
  • Meditation teaching you grounding
  •  Instant access 


Duration: 9:58

An uplifting meditation to listen to, which will guide you to a place of peacefulness. As you focus on each inward and outward breath, you’ll feel yourself gently moving to a place calm.



Duration: 9:35

Staying grounded during trading is important. This relaxing yet powerful meditation teaches you the technique of grounding, whilst taking you to a place of inner calm and relaxation.

Duration: 9:08

Finding acceptance from the past, our mistakes, and more can feel empowering and uplift us. This meditation guides you to a place of relaxation and acceptance.

Duration: 11:04

Let go of everything that does not support or serve you. Deepen your relaxation by listening to this meditation with headphones! Sit back and be guided into a peaceful space of tranquility.



Duration: 9:24

Find inner peace in this busy world and challenging markets! The meditation will relax every part of you, releasing tension and stress and helping you to unwind and relax your mind and body.

Duration: 9:30

Listen to this guided meditation to create and attain peace and serenity in your daily life. Listen to this with headphones to deepen the relaxation in your mind and body.


Duration: 11:42

This guided meditation will take you to a place in nature, where you find a clearer mind and approach to everything, gaining better focus and clarity in your life.



Duration: 10:03

The present moment is a gift. Most of us are either in the past or the future, and rarely in the present. This meditation can assist you in learning how to be more present, for that is where transformation happens.

Duration: 7:47

Just 10 minutes of meditation daily can impact your life in an abundance of ways; including improving your mindset and outlook, create  emotional balance and reduce stress, which is often the factor of most physical  problems.