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General Questions

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and deep relaxation. During hypnosis, a person may have a heightened concentration and focus, and they may be more open to suggestion.


In a hypnotic state, a person may be more receptive to positive suggestions, which can help change certain behaviours or thought patterns. However, it’s important to note that hypnosis cannot make a person do something against their will or ethics. 

Hypnosis is one of, if not the most effective therapy for traders and trading performance. Here are some of the areas it can help with;


  1. Reducing Stress and Anxiety: Trading can be highly stressful, and stress and anxiety can negatively impact decision-making abilities. Hypnosis can help traders relax and manage stress, allowing them to make clearer and more rational trading decisions.

  2. Overcoming Fear and Phobias: Some traders have specific fears or phobias related to trading, such as the fear of loss or the fear of making mistakes. Hypnosis can be used to address these fears and help traders overcome mental barriers that hinder their performance.

  3. Enhancing Confidence: Confidence is crucial in trading. Hypnosis can boost self-confidence and self-belief, which can empower traders to take calculated risks and stick to their trading plans with conviction.

  4. Improving Focus and Concentration: Hypnosis techniques can enhance focus and concentration, enabling traders to analyse market data more effectively and make better trading decisions.

  5. Breaking Bad Habits: Traders may have certain behavioural patterns or bad habits that negatively impact their trading success, such as impulsive trading or overtrading. Hypnosis can be used to address and modify these habits.

  6. Visualization: Hypnosis often involves visualisation techniques where traders mentally rehearse successful trading scenarios. This mental rehearsal can enhance skills and improve the trader’s mindset.

 effectiveness can vary from person to person. Additionally, hypnosis should be used as a complementary tool alongside proper education, training, and a well-thought-out trading strategy.

Trading Mindset Programme

The programme is structured as a 24 week online hypnosis audio course. You have lifetime access to the programme.

You can listen to the audios at any time that suits you best. 

Do NOT listen to the audios whilst driving or operating machinery.

The best time to listen to hypnosis is at nigh-time with headphones.

The duration are between 30-40 minutes long.

Yes, our platform is mobile-friendly. You can access the audios on smartphones, tablets, and computers with internet connectivity.

Results vary from person to person. Some may experience benefits after the first session, while others might need a few weeks of consistent listening. Patience and regularity are key.

Currently, the audios are available only in English. We are actively exploring options to introduce audios in other languages to cater to a wider audience.

Consistency is beneficial, but missing a day occasionally won’t hinder your progress significantly. Try to resume your routine the next day for optimal results.

Yes! You can listen to the audio guide once you sign up. Each hypnosis audio is structured for long-term success. So, by following the programme as designed, you will see positive results. Each audio is to be listened to for 21 days, or 21 times.

It is not recommended as these audios are created to induce deep relaxation. The Trading Meditation Series and Affirmation Series work best for trading hours.

No. we have never been asked for a refund from any member. If you are unsure about whether the programme is right for you, you can have a consultation with Louise.


The programme has received 100% positive feedback.


1-2-1 Sessions and Online Packages

The online sessions are conducted via video call over Zoom. Louise provides a professional session tailored to your trading needs and goals.

The first session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions typically last for 60 minutes.

Yes, Louises provides support between sessions via email or messaging platforms. You can reach out with questions, concerns, or progress updates.

Sessions are structured to begin with a discussion of your progress and challenges, followed by hypnosis techniques tailored to your needs. Coaching elements are integrated to provide actionable strategies and goals.

The number of sessions varies based on individual goals and progress. Generally, a series of 4-6 sessions is recommended to achieve lasting changes and noticeable improvements.

Absolutely. Hypnosis and coaching can be tailored to address specific issues, including fear, impulsivity, lack of discipline, or any other challenges hindering your trading success.

All you need is a quiet, comfortable space, a reliable internet connection, and a device with a camera and microphone to participate in the Zoom sessions effectively.

Yes, the sessions are beneficial for traders of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced trader aiming to refine your strategies, the sessions are tailored to your needs.

Yes, Louise works on the 360 for traders. Sessions can cover multiple issues if they are interconnected. 

The timeline for improvement varies among individuals. Most clients notice positive changes after the first session, while others may require more time and practice. Consistency and commitment are key factors.

Louises offers a free 20 minute consultation.


Please email [email protected]


Yes, client confidentiality is of utmost importance. Your sessions and any information shared during them are strictly confidential.

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