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What is Trading in the ZEN?

Trading in the ZEN was created to help traders find their groove.



It is a podcast which helps traders to feel uplifted, inspired and motivated. 


We invite a series of amazing guests to  discuss all areas of trading, wellbeing, mastering the mindset, peak performance and much more.



Trading is more than just numbers and probabilities. It’s a state of mind. Like athletes, successful traders train mind, body, and soul. 


Our Mission

Faina has struggled with the same problems most traders struggle with, discipline and consistency. She believes that asking for help is 

a strength. Through industry referrals, she has found Louise. 


After going through the Trading Mindset Programme and finally finding the missing piece, a partnership was born.


Faina understood that your subconscious plays a huge role in your ability to perform well under pressure. She was so excited about her newfound consistency, that she wanted to help all the others struggling.


That is when Louise and Faina come together and founded Trading in the ZEN, a podcast full of inspiration, real truths, a story of people’s journeys, and tips and techniques for traders.



Meet Your Hosts

Louise Nonweiler

Co-host of Trading in the ZEN

Louise is passionate and committed to helping traders achieve greatness.


Her passion has amplified over the years and has evolved into creating online courses and programs for traders.


Co-hosting the podcast with Faina has helped Louise to reach out to more traders across the globe about the importance of trading psychology. 


She continues to share her knowledge, techniques and tips with traders

Faina Vitebsky

Co-host of Trading in the ZEN

Faina Vitebsky is a full-time futures trader, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


She has dedicated the last 7 years to honing her craft and creating a winning strategy.


Her passion for helping other women through her non profit Women In Need PR and her no-nonsense approach, makes her a perfect host.


She believes that there is so much more to trading than just numbers and probabilities. Like an athlete, a trader should operate in their peak state. 


This program will not disappoint. I was unsure at first but after reading the reviews I decided to take a chance. Boy am I glad I did. A big thanks!

Steve K, Atlanta, US

I had been searching for something like this since day one. Results from listening to this ... Outstanding.

Patrick F, Dublin

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