Weekly Newsletter

Louise is refreshingly different in the trading space. She is a true professional, with an award-winning history of success in helping people. When you talk with her, you can instantly tell that she cares and her skills, experience and expertise make her uniquely suited for helping you achieve success in your trading. You'll find working with her to be both enjoyable and effective, and a truly transformative experience.
Brian McAboy
Founder (Inside out trading)
I contacted Louise midway through 2020. I invited her onto my podcast and the end of it started her programme. Just a few weeks into the Trading Mindset Programme and I noticed positive shifts. I was trading better. Less stressed, fewer losses and more gains. I feel much calmer since joining the programme and it has helped my mindset and emotions. I was more relaxed and less prone to revenge trading. Do look into this, it can be a game-changer.
Nic Penrake, UK
Trader and Host of A Traders Life Podcast
Louise is very knowledgable and passionate helping traders through their challenges. She is both intuitive, professional and very friendly to work with. Because of this, her trading psychology courses and podcast are on the cutting edge of the trading space, by focusing on the mindset and how the subconscious can be leveraged to help facilitate the changes they need. She has years of proven success stories from traders, whom with her help have overcome challenges, achieved better trading results and in many cases, live happier, healthier lives in other areas outside of trading.
Alex Heslop, UK