Is there a significant difference between female and male traders?

Is there a significant difference between female and male traders?

In the trading world you will find that most of the players are actually men. However, more and more female traders are coming into the mix and they have really good results. This brings the question, what kind of benefits should you expect from either side? Is it better to be a male or a female trader? It all depends on a variety of factors, but there are some differences to consider.

Female traders are more cautious

Yes, this is something we notice with a lot of female traders. Men usually have a less calculated approach and they do like taking risks. Women are not like that. They aren’t really into taking a lot of risks. Instead, they are more calculated and that allows them to focus on getting much better results and benefits all the time. It also allows women to bring in more growth to their strategy.

Being cautious is great, especially as a beginner. Otherwise it’s possible to lose quite a lot of money. That’s why it makes a lot of sense why female traders get success, because they do have the upper hand in regards to the strategy they use and the results that they can bring to the table.

Men tend to be overly confident

That’s an issue because having too much confidence can be an issue, and in the end it overly exposes the approach and benefits that you can have. Which is why we recommend to avoid being overly confident and instead you should focus on achieving the utmost success. It’s definitely a great idea to approach this and in doing so, the experience can be very impressive.

Controlling emotions

As we mentioned above, men tend to take a lot more risks. That’s fine, but the truth is that it can also be problematic. If you take too many risks without staying under control, it can be challenging. It gets even worse if you don’t have control over your emotions. More often than not, emotional trading can be very problematic, and if you do that, it can definitely be a major challenge. That’s why addressing that wisely is super important, and in doing so the benefits can indeed shine.

Women are much better at controlling emotions when it comes to men. Which is better for them, because they have control over how they trade. The emotional trading process is amazing, it certainly helps push the limits in a creative manner, and the benefits as a whole are among some of the best.

Trading less often

Another trend we noticed is that women usually trade less often when compared to men. They don’t like taking risks that might not be ok for their strategy. And that’s why women tend to have a better track record. They are trading less often, there are less issues and worries, and the system in place is a lot more efficient for them. The more trades you have, the harder it is to have a great track record and very good results.


We always recommend avoiding any rush and making sure that you create a good trading strategy. But as you can see, things like gender will sometimes affect the way you trade, even if you’re not really under control over that. But at the end of the day, regardless of the gender, you do want to assess the market and study everything. Doing that gives a much better result and potential, and the benefits are indeed amazing every time. Which is why having a great trading system really matters!